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Frequently Asked Questions

A video door intercom is simply a device installed at your door or gate that allows a visitor to announce their arrival. Although this technology has been around for many decades, you had to be home to hear the doorbell and answer the door. In the last decade, this technology was ‘disrupted’ by brands like DoorBird, and transformed using IoT methodology. In other words, DoorBird began to use the internet to let you know someone is at the door, shows you who it is, allows you to talk to the person, and even lets the guest in. All from a smartphone and from anywhere in the world!

A ‘smart intercom’ is the new breed of doorbell that brings far more benefits than traditional intercoms, by harnessing technology and the internet. A smart intercom such as DoorBird will not only provide convenience for visitors and those receiving parcels but will also significantly improve your smart home security.

As above, this is another name for this technology. Whereas a lot of traditional intercom systems were ‘audio’ only, a video doorbell allows you to see and communicate with your visitor using a digital video camera.

This is a subjective question. However, we believe the best video intercom system is one that is available in many sizes and colours, allows you to grant or restrict access through the door or gate, and is engineered using premium materials and built for durability. By these criteria, DoorBird is the best video intercom system on the market.

As above, when weighing criteria for both form and functionality; DoorBird is obviously the best intercom to choose!

If you have a traditional intercom system, you likely have to upgrade it to get the benefit of being able to answer it via your phone. If you have a DoorBird video doorbell, the answer is… very simply! Your phone or smartphone is the primary way through which you answer your intercom, therefore the initial setup of your new DoorBird ensures it is connected to your phone.

Considering the benefits below, we firmly believe a smart doorbell is worth the investment. Do you want:

● The convenience of knowing when someone has arrived at your house, whether you are home or away?

● The security of seeing who it is and talking to them to verify why they are at your house?

● The convenience of letting them in, if you know them or they are there to deliver a parcel?

● The peace of mind of being able to view your entry area at any time of the day?

● The security of controlling who can enter your garage, pool, front door, driveway gate, or store room, automatically or ad-hoc, from anywhere in the world

These are just some of the many benefits of a smart doorbell that will easily outweigh the cost.

A smart doorbell like DoorBird harnesses the power of technology by allowing you to answer the door, see who’s there, talk to them, and let them in by controlling the door or gate. All you need is the DoorBird door station, internet access, and a smartphone. For opening doors and gates, you will also need some cabling and an electronic door strike.

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