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Doorbird Intercom Australia

We are a small family business solely dedicated to spreading the word in Australia and New Zealand about the fantastic German product that is Doorbird. We love the product range, we hold stock here in Australia for fast shipping, and we are here to answer your questions if you have any.

Why you should buy from us...

  • Sales Advice - With 20 years experience in Home Automation we are eager to assist with any questions you have on the implementation of a Doorbird Intercom to your scenario.  Want to integrate to a control system? We can help with how.  Want to connect to your Front door, gate, garage door to let your visitor in? We can help with how. Want to use a Doorbird in a non-standard way? We can help with how.

  • Price Guarantee - While we strive to offer the best value for Doorbird products in Australia, we can't always know what others are doing at every moment.  Therefore if you find a better price on a Doorbird product, click on the 'Price Guarantee' button near the 'Add to Cart' button, and fill in the details.  We will assess, and come back to you with an equal or better price.  Our promise is that all our stock comes from the Doorbird partner channel, therefore has full warranty, prioritised support, and is genuine Doorbird product.

  • Stock held in Australia - We carry stock of all the key models ready for fast shipping straight to your door.  No need to wait 3 weeks for your order.  Some secondary colours and some Multi-Dwelling units are not always in stock, but are only 10 days away due to our priority relationship with the Doorbird factory.

  • Dedicated to the Doorbird Range - Although we carry a few 3rd party products that support the Doorbird end solution, we are exclusively dedicated to the Doorbird brand.  Therefore Doorbird is not one of 4000 products or brands in our range and insignificant.  For you, that means we know the product better than anyone, and can offer superior assistance for sales or support

  • Knowledgeable Support - If you need some assistance in getting your Doorbird up and running, we are here to help, and in your timezone. You can call or email us, and we will get you up and running quickly.  If you are experiencing problems with your Doorbird, we offer Tier 1 support, and we have a prioritised support line straight to the factory in Berlin for Tier 2/3 support issues.

  • Free Shipping - For the time being, we are offering free shipping to anywhere in Australia for any of our products over a value of $100.

More than just a door intercom: Notification on your smartphone when the doorbell button is pressed. You can see your visitors, talk to them and open the door - from anywhere in the world - via smartphone and tablet. DoorBird stands for the combination of exclusive design with the most innovative IP technology in the field of door communication.

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