DoorBird make so many different finishes and colours, which is awesome! 

But it can get confusing as well. Not any more, read on.

DoorBird make most of their models in 8 x different metallic finishes, and 40+ Powder Coated finishes.

While all DoorBird door stations are IP65 and waterproof for outdoor use, there are some variations in the materials that make some finishes better than others for coastal areas where salt water protection is also needed.

So while its amazing you can select just about any colour you can think of for your DoorBird (which by the way is incredibly unique for a video doorbell intercom system), there are some considerations to make in determining which will be the best option for you and your geographical location. 

Stainless Steel

DoorBird’s core and most basic finish is Stainless Steel V2A. V2A is the German designation for the grade of Stainless steel commonly referred to as 304 Stainless. 

Also available in all Door Station models is Stainless Steel V4A. In Germany, that corresponds to 316L or marine -grade stainless. This looks the same as V2A above, but has much better protection against salt water corrosion, so is the right choice for coastal properties or homes near a body of salt water.

Bronze, Titanium, Gold, Brass, Architectural Bronze, Real Burnished Brass, Chrome

These finishes are PVD coated V2A Stainless. So they begin with a slab of V2A (304) Stainless, and apply the metallic finish to get the desired effect. 

The PVD process creates more of a surface condition, rather than a coating. Actual particles like titanium or bronze are vaporized and bind to the steel panel.

The PVD coating offers better protection against salt water and harsh elements than plain V2A, but better protection can be achieved by selecting V4A base and PVD finish in our online configurator here… See more info below.

Powder-coated RAL1001 - RAL9010

Powder coated finishes are done with a V2A (304) steel base, then powder coated in the RAL colour you have chosen. There’s such a thick layer of powder coat on the V2A base steel, that the RAL finishes offer good protection against harsh elements and salt water corrosion. However again, using our online configurator and selecting a V4A (316L) base in an RAL colour, will give you the best protection available.

Harsh Weather and Salt Water Corrosion Protection Guide

Minimal Protection


Stainless Steel (304)

Good Protection

V2A PVD or V4A uncoated

Bronze, Titanium, Gold, Brass, Architectural Bronze, Real Burnished Brass, Chrome, Stainless Steel V4A

Better Protection

V2A powder coated

RAL1001 / RAL9010

Best Protection

V4A with PVD coating

Online Configurator

Ultimate Protection

V4A powder coated

Online Configurator

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