Posted on by Richie Tomlinson

Wondering what the best door video intercom system in Australia is?

The short answer: DoorBird.

The long answer depends a little on your needs.

Many brands and products in the Video Doorbell category in Australia do the basic functions pretty well. The basic functions of a smart doorbell are:

  • Notifies you on your smartphone when someone is at the door
  • Allows you to see the visitor through the camera to your smartphone
  • Allows you to communicate with the visitor
  • Tracks the visitor history logs
  • All of the above, even when you aren’t at home!

Most brands and models cover these features, and typically from a few hundred dollars upwards. The difference between them comes down to camera quality, app quality, and how durable the device is. There is a lot to choose from within that range. If this is all you’re after, that’s great, visit Bunnings or JB HiFi and you will have a selection of models to choose from. However, if you want more than this, or wonder what else you can do with this technology, read on.

The list above doesn’t quite capture the full value of what DoorBird can offer. In our view, there are numerous benefits available that most brands don’t provide:

  • The ability to open any door or gate
  • A large choice of size, quality, and finish
  • A keypad to manage access
  • A fingerprint reader to manage access
  • The ability to control multiple entry points all from the same app
  • Quality materials and German engineering
  • Integration to other systems such as CCTV, IP Phones, smart door locks, and home control systems
  • Multi-dwelling: Units, townhouses, dual living, home and home office
  • Surface and flush mount options
  • Press to exit buttons to allow for simple and convenient egress
  • Design your own


If any of the list above is of interest to you, then there is only one option, DoorBird. There are very few products on the market that can do all the basic functions at the top, as well as any of the extra benefits listed above. This is why DoorBird is undoubtedly the best door video intercom in Australia.

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