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Intercom [ in-ter-kom ]


a communication system within a building, ship, airplane, local area, etc., with a loudspeaker or receiver for listening and a microphone for speaking at each of two or more points.

An intercom generally means a point-to-point communication system in our homes or offices. It is often used for visitors to announce their arrival. But with recent advancements in home security technology, intercoms can now do so much more:

Q: What is the best intercom system in Australia?

A: DoorBird

Definitions change over time as technologies evolve. For example, a mobile phone is now defined as a device for communications, internet, social media, and photography. 20 years ago, it was just a communication device.

An intercom 20 years ago just had to buzz the wall box inside the house, and allowed you to talk to the visitor. But today's standards define an intercom as requiring video and audio, remote viewing and answering, and controlling access through doors and gates.

Most current intercoms or video doorbells on the market only do two of these things. DoorBird is one of the few brands that meet all three of these requirements.

So while many product reviews compare camera specs and the look of the app, across many brands at the bottom of the market; for a true comparison, we should look at the many things those models don’t have. Such as:

  • The ability to open any door or gate
  • A large choice of size, quality, and finish
  • A keypad to manage access
  • A fingerprint reader to manage access
  • The ability to control multiple entry points all from the same app
  • Quality materials and engineering
  • Integration to other systems such as CCTV, IP Phones, smart door locks, and home control systems
  • Multi-dwelling: Units, townhouses, dual living, home and home office.
  • Surface and flush mount options
  • Design your own

DoorBird is the only brand that offers the complete requirements for a modern Intercom System, and is therefore the best!


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