Posted on by Allan Phillips

Always being progressive, Doorbird have just updated the app with some great new features.

1. Adjustments for the iPhoneX and Apple Watch - Keeping in touch with the latest hardware on the market and being ready for your next device.

2. History now stores up to 50 images in the cloud - Been out of action for a little while? Keep track of who as come to your door during your absence.

3. Configurable Geofencing Radius - Great if you want a push notification when your kids or family members are close to home.

4. LAN Only mode for Live View - Almost instant connection when at home and connected to the same network as your Doorbird.

5. Assignment of Relay names and Authorisations - Personalise your Doorbird app to be more intuitive.

6. Restart the Doorbird via the Admin area of the app - Preventative maintenance.

7. Various performance and stability improvements - Just making a great product awesome.



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