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Great news for all those who want to use their DoorBird IP video door station additionally with IP telephones: From now on, all our door stations support the SIP protocol, in addition to our Smart Transmission Mode (STM) protocol, with full support for audio and video. You can even open the door, gate or garage by pushing the button (DTMF).

Since there is still no standard for SIP video, the world's best selling SIP video phones are compatible. The compatibility has to be specially adapted to each SIP video phone. We do this, of course, continuously. Since SIP is blocked by most mobile operators, we recommend not using a SIP Softphone client on mobile phones, but to use the traditional DoorBird App.


Now with 2 Year Warranty

We offer a customer-friendly and transparent warranty for all our products according to our GTB. The quality of our products is of course top priority so we offer far more than just the statutory warranty regulations and also give a 24 month warranty on all our products. We also provide a comprehensive and first-class service, made available to help with questions and to troubleshoot issues with the installation and subsequent use of our products. If the rare case occurs, that you have encountered a problem with one of our products, just contact us, we endeavour to help you quickly and unbureaucratically.


Doorbird and Crestron

Crestron another big smart home provider is now compatible with all our IP video door stations. You can buy the Crestron driver directly from our partner ControlWorks, which takes over the distribution and support of the driver.





URC Module now available!


  • Doorbell Ring
  • Motion Sensor Activation
  • Open Door
  • Turn On Night Vision (Infrared Lights)
  • Audio/Video for the TKP-7600

Image can be viewed from all URC user interfaces.


Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen has completely integrated the DoorBird IP video door station into BeoLink.



The digital IP camera recorders from Hikvision now support all our IP video door stations.



It's as simple as that

You can see your visitors, speak with them and open the door by smartphone or tablet – from anywhere in the world. DoorBird combines innovative technology with exclusive design. A smart solution – Made in Germany.

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