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Although we are loving the advantages that come with an internet based modern intercom doorbell, many of us have been asking for a more ‘traditional’ indoor call station to accompany the Doorbird intercom.

Perhaps you don’t carry your phone when you’re at home, perhaps you have guests or kids that don’t have a smart device with which to answer the front door.  A tablet running the Doorbird app mounted to the wall in the Kitchen has been a good stop gap, but it’s needed no more!

Doorbird have released their own elegant and functional Indoor call station.  Now as expected, Doorbird haven’t simply thrown a screen and a speaker in a box to put on the wall, they have developed a smart call station that not only controls much of the Doorbird feature set, but it also introduces 3 x more contact relays to control doors, gates, and garage doors.  You can quite easily expand the access control of your home within the Doorbird ecosystem.

Chic and practical it can be wall mounted, or desk mounted (with the optional stand). A 4” screen delivers 720p crisp video with HD audio, it can also be integrated with many leading control systems, CCTV Systems, and SIP phone systems.

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Stock has arrived in Australia and is ready for dispatch.

Doorbird A1101 Indoor Call Station

Doorbird A1101 Indoor Call Station

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