Issue: No Video/Audio when on Telstra 4G/5G


14/08/2023 - DoorBird are currently spinning up an alternate server in Australia to experiment and test various network protocols. The goal is to help identify the changes Telstra have made, and either work with Telstra to correct their changes, or institute a new DoorBird server in Australia that is not affected by them.  

At the beginning of August we have noted an issue that affects only Telstra mobile customers. When roaming on 4G/5G mobile data, the DoorBird app does not receive video or receive audio. It does still connect to the DoorBird and allow relay control and admin settings, just not video and audio. If you are experiencing this problem, the following is consistently what we find:

  • Full and normal functionality when at home or on WiFi
  • Connection but no video or audio when on Telstra 4G/5G mobile data
  • All other Australian carriers full and normal functionality

If you are experiencing an issue that manifests on your home WiFi, or you are not a Telstra mobile customer, please seek support through our normal channels on our support page 

We are currently working with DoorBird (the manufacturer) and Telstra to rectify the issue. So far we have learned that Telstra recently made a change to their telstra.internet APN settings for mobile phones, relating to the IPv6 protocol. This change has disrupted the video and audio connection to the DoorBird door station. While it may take a little time for DoorBird developers and Telstra network engineers to fully identify and rectify the problem, we have a few workarounds you can implement in the meantime, in order to restore functionality on 4G/5G mobile data. We have also found that regular changes to Telstra's IPv6 protocols often cause disruptions to 3rd party technology integrated to the smartphone. Many savvy users disable IPv6 from their devices until it is proven to be more robust.

Workaround #1

A VPN app on your smartphone will return full functionality. While there are many different VPN apps available, they mostly work the same way. We have exhaustively tested with ExpressVPN which has worked well. We will test other leading apps, but we expect the results to be the same. Keep in mind, although the pricing varies significantly, most VPN apps do cost money and there are no 'free' apps that we found to work. Most of the better VPN apps do have free trial periods though. 

Once you install a VPN app, all you need to do is connect it. While it works to have it connected to the US or other countries, it also works to have it selected to your local Australian city. Essentially it is just bypassing the parameters of the Telstra APN, and connecting to a local city will be faster. 

Workaround #2

It should be possible to edit your APN settings in your smartphone, in order to bypass the particular setting causing the issue. No other phone functions are affected by this change. 

IOS (Apple iPhone)

In most cases on your Telstra iPhone will be locked down and not allow you to edit the telstra.internet APN settings. If you can, the setting we want to change is 'APN Protocol' from 'IPv4/IPv6', to just 'IPv4'. This will restore video when on mobile data. 

However if you cannot edit the settings of your telstra.internet APN, please follow this video to install an edited version of the telstra.internet APN. It is essentially the same with one small setting change, but allows full functionality of the DoorBird. The link to the alternate APN configuration is here... APN Configuration File *keep in mind this link needs to be opened from a browser on your smartphone for it to work. See the video. 

Here is the video on how to install it: APN Installation Video 

Android (Samsung etc)

Android should usually give you a little more control, but we have found the best way is to create a new APN for Telstra that avoids the IPv6 issue. Please see the video below on how to create a new APN on your Android phone. Below that is a text version of the actual settings. 

APN Creation Video


Name: Telstra 2

APN: telstra.iph







Multimedia message proxy:

Multimedia message port: 80

MCC: 505

MNC: 01

Authentication type: none

APN type: default,supl,mms

APN protocol: IPv4

APN roaming protocol: IPv4

Bearer: Unspecified 

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