In the unfortunate case of your Doorbird not entering WiFi Setup mode, please try the workaround below:

We kindly ask you to follow the next steps:

In the settings of your router, make sure that a 2.4 GHz WiFi is available and unknown devices are allowed to connect to it with the credentials. 

Attach your DoorBird directly to your router via network cable and power it up using the DoorBird power supply. Then wait for the audio notification after two minutes. 

Open the DoorBird App (first installation, if asked) and go to settings, then “WiFi Setup”. In the “WiFi Setup” please chose your DoorBird model and just next/continue until you end up in a screen with headline “WiFi” (see example picture attached)”.

Scan the QR-Code of the administration (from document “Digital Passport”) and click on “next” to continue.

In the next step surrounding WiFi networks are displayed. Choose your WiFi netowrk and enter the related password for it. Make sure to use correct spelling (upper case/lower case, etc.). In case your WiFi network is not displayed, please refresh the page by clicking on the “reload” button. 

After entering the details you are asked to restart the device. Please wait 60 seconds before doing this, then detach the network cable and finally restart the device. 

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